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3 Dirty Secrets Sabotaging
Your Business Success

The 3 Dirty Secrets of Business Failure
and what you need to do to prevent
them from killing your future.

3 Dirty Secrets Sabotaging
Your Business Success

The 3 Dirty Secrets of Business Failure…and what you need to do to prevent them from killing your future.

Are You Tired of Sabotaging Your Life?

Do you ever find yourself being really busy but not getting to the things you need to do? You catch yourself doing things you don’t want to do?

Are you tired of betraying yourself and your family and stealing your potential for success? When I interview entrepreneurs and ask them questions about why they have not accomplished the success they desire I find 3 common replies:
  I don’t take the actions I need to take. 
  I don’t keep my word.
  I sometimes don’t know what I’m supposed to know, I don’t know what’s next and I can’t even find my way through it.

  We all set business goals. We all imagine succeeding in business. But our behaviors don’t match up. 

  • We buy the books but don’t read them. Statistics show that 60% of books purchased are every opened. And best sellers show 46% ever get finished.
  • We buy the home study courses but don’t listen to them or follow through on them. Statistics showed that only 15% of the products sold were ever opened or listened to. Of that, only 3% went beyond the first lesson. 
  • We get referrals but don’t make the calls for follow ups or appointments. The cards end up in piles or the call list goes cold.
  • ​We buy a health club membership and 67% of memberships don’t get used. 
  • ​We make a commitment to write or podcast or file papers or complete projects, but then we don’t show up to our own calendar dates. We’ll keep our doctor appointments, but we don’t show up for ourselves.

    These are all things we can do, we want to do, but don’t do. When we don’t do the things we commit to do, we try to keep it a secret. We hide from the truth about them, we minimize the cost we pay, and deny the consequences by putting the blame elsewhere. 

      There are 3 dirty secrets that plague everyone in business. They are all related to the fact that we don’t follow through on the commitments we make--because we are too busy, too stressed, too overwhelmed, and there is too much uncertainty. 

      We make a commitment to big goals, but at the same time, part of us maintains hidden commitments to playing it safe, not getting exposed, not getting overwhelmed by big decisions or big goals we don’t know how to reach. It may be something inconsequential like having a weight loss goal and putting a smaller number on our driver’s license than the scale said that morning. Is that being optimistic or lying to ourselves and others?

          The 3 dirty secrets every business person has to wrestle with are:

        • We don’t take action every time we need to
        • ​We don’t keep our word
        • ​We don’t always know what to do or where we should go to get started

        As a result, we put off what needs to get done.

            Here’s the rub:

          We used to be able to get away with missing on a few of those. In times like these, during a global pandemic and economic lockdown, we live inside an amplifier. Everything is magnified 100 times. Now we have less margin for error. The challenges we can normally disregard about our work or marriage or relationship with our kids, get blown up in size. They take centerstage and it is harder to keep them secret from ourselves or others. Whatever we normally do to get away with our shortcomings get put under a spotlight. 

            These dirty secrets will kill your business in 2021 unless you are willing to come clean with yourself and move beyond them.

              I’ve created a program based on my working with entrepreneurs and businesspeople for over 40 years. It’s only for people who recognize there are areas of life that can be better but year after year they stay the same. The clock is ticking and the cost of failure is to high a price to pay.  

              Because it is strong work to those who are committed to having higher level of success in 2021 I’ve made each session short—15 to 20 minutes—and frequent—3 times a week for four weeks with a bonus secret easter homework week making for a total of five weeks.

              Every session is designed in a progression to expose the secret to yourself, get honest, get real, and quit paying the cost of it sabotaging your future success. What we will take together, arm in arm, day by day, week by week, are proven steps to creating the success you need in 2021.

              We start March 22nd and we run for the month of March through into April, meeting for 20 minutes each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am Central time. We will take a one week break through easter but you will still have homework to do, you are not getting off that easy :)

              If you can't attend a given session, we will have the recording up for instant replay within 2 hours of the live class so you never fall behind. 

                What you get...

                    FREE (Included) Add-Ons:

                  • StoryAthlete MARKETING: This is for the entrepreneurs, business owners. The StoryAthletes who have a product or service to sell. You can transform your Mind. You can transform your Body. 'GRIT + FUEL' will do that for you. But if you have a Business that isn't making enough money, due to poor marketing. Then your transformed Mind and Body are going to be weighted-down by the anchor of financial stress. Stress is the real killer. Especially, financial stress. So, 5 days a week, we look at different marketing strategies to better sell your products and services. Like the 'dancer-turned-relationship-coach,' not by selling his dance lessons to dancers, but by positioning his dance lessons 'as an activity that couples could do together' to mend and repair their broken relationship. That business, last I heard, does over $1 mil per month. Again, not by selling dance lessons. But rather, by positioning 'dance lessons' as a way to save your marriage. Notice that change in messaging and positioning. These daily marketing lessons and mini-case studies, will give you tons of ideas and frameworks to sell more of your product or service. 
                  • StoryAthlete OFFERS: I want you to see how we "Follow Our Own Advice." StoryAthlete is a company that, at first, is confusing to many. We are in the Mind, Body, Business, Relationships business. We have fitness and nutritional programs. We have business building programs. On the surface, these things don't go together. But this is where the "Mass Market-To-Niche, Niche-To-Mass Market" concept comes into play, that enables us to operate in all three recession proof markets. Heath, wealth, and relationships. So, to help you gain a clear visual of exactly how this happens, I'll walk you through StoryAthlete Offers and how they're structured. 

                      5-Week Live Program

                    3-20 min live Zoom sessions (also mobile device-friendly) a week—Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am Central Time

                        Week One: The 3 Secrets Overview

                      • First secret - don’t take action, the will to succeed is sabotaged.
                      • ​Second secret - don’t keep my word, the heart to succeed is sabotaged.
                      • ​Third secret - don’t know exactly what to do, the mind’s power to succeed is sabotaged.
                      • ​Integrating a new relationship with your personal power to improve your life.

                          Week Two: Easter Week - (Secret Homework Week)

                        • It's a week off.... But not entirely
                        • ​Secret Homework Week (it's a surprise)

                            Week Three: Secret 1

                          • Intro to the Disconnect of the Will to take action, discover what it is costing you, and choosing to no longer pay the price.
                          • ​Get personal, get real. Find what to do and fix it.
                          • ​Integrating the reconnect with deep brain work meditative process for the weekend.

                              Week Four: Secret 2

                            • Intro to the Disconnect of Heart to show up authentically, know what it is costing you, and choosing to not paying the price any longer.
                            • ​Get personal, get real. Find what to do and fix it.
                            • ​Integrating the reconnect with deep brain work meditative process for the weekend.

                                Week Five: Secret 3

                              • Intro to the Disconnect of Mind to trust what is next, realize what it is costing you, and choosing to not paying the price any longer.
                              • ​Get personal, get real. Find what to do and fix it.
                              • ​Integrating the reconnect with deep brain work meditative process for the weekend.

                                3 Dirty Secrets Bonuses

                                  Value of $99.75

                                   5 Downloadable Audios with Transcripts

                                  1. Accelerating Your Learning
                                  Imagine you can accelerate your learning process, so that you acquire what you need and want to know in less time. Discover how to improve your ability to learn and accelerate how fast you acquire new knowledge. Reduce your stress and fear around learning new information and raise your confidence to learn. 
                                  2. Applying the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Increase Prosperity
                                  Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is essential in order to create, maintain, and grow your prosperity. Learn how to shift your mental model in favor of greater creativity, bold action, and increased prosperity. Learn a method many high achievers apply and pioneer new ideas. 
                                  3. Creating Your Life through Deliberate Practices
                                  Discover the power of daily practices. There are small daily commitments that can conquer your difficult challenges and all you to achieve lofty goals. Learn to choose and adopt daily practices that will support you physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. 
                                  4. Learn in Your Sleep
                                  Learn powerful methods and techniques that you can use to solve problems, train your mind, and better your life as you prepare for sleep. Discover techniques to remember your dreams with greater detail, so you can decipher helpful information that your nonconscious mind can communicate through the dream state. 
                                  5. Moving from Control and Predict to Dynamic Steering in Business and Life
                                  One of the least known secrets to success involves the ability to sense and respond. This principle from dynamic steering gives you an optimal way to manage your business and personal life. It involves letting go of the need to control and predict. Learn how to apply dynamic steering and achieve success in a more natural and less stressful way. 

                                    Valued at $29.95 each

                                     Weekly Paraliminal Listening Sessions

                                    Week 1: Letting Go
                                    When you can let go of negative emotions you can thrive. As you release your fears, anxieties, past failures, and other negative emotions, it becomes much easier to experience more success and abundance. Discover how to trust your inner guidance and cut through all of the noise and distractions that can thwart your progress. 
                                    Week 2: New History Generator - Session B
                                    You can reimagine your past. The ability to reimagine your life allows you to move beyond the emotional wounds from past experiences that can negatively influence your present and future success. This can make a significant difference to ensure a brighter future.
                                    Week 3: Get Around to It – Session A
                                    Discover the easiest way to stop procrastinating. Most people procrastinate from time to time. However, when it is a habit, it is the kryptonite to your success. Worse still, it causes more stress and worries that limit your ability to focus and prosper. 
                                    Week 4: Self-Discipline
                                    Self-discipline closes the gap between your current results and your goals. Without sufficient self-discipline, you may squander away day after day until you miss a deadline or fail. With enough self-discipline, you can commit to do the necessary tasks to bring your vision to life. 


                                       Overcoming Overwhelm Challenge 

                                      Take the 5-day Laser Focus Challenge. Take this five-day laser focus challenge to overcome a sense of overwhelm and become more focused! Discover powerful techniques to help you get things done! Handle your emails, projects, and tasks more effectively as you take easy steps in just a couple of minutes.  

                                        Valued at $14.99

                                         Drop Into Genius eBook

                                        The Drop Into Genius eBook offers you the insights, techniques, and specific tools to reclaim the power within your brilliant mind. Each easy-to-read chapter begins with a meditation to activate your non-conscious mind and engage your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligences.



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